Build Referral Business for your Real Estate School

Most of your business should come from referrals. Most real estate agents know this to be true, but several fail to practice it. In the education arena, how many of you keep in contact with past students like Realtors keep in touch with past clients? Is this something we need strive for?

How do you get in this habit? First, you set SMART goals. Make your referral goals Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. Once you set your goals, lay out your referral business plan.

How will you keep in contact with past students? Mail? Email? Facebook? Twitter? Select your mode of communication and create a plan to use it effectively and efficiently. You never want too much contact but then again you do not want to be forgotten. You also can use a combination of techniques such as Facebook and snail mail or email and snail mail. You can create any combination you like.

Next, determine what you want to share and how often you want to share it. You want to share real estate information, new classes that you have created and a little personal information. How often will you communicate? One a month? Once a quarter?  Tell them how often they are going to hear from you and stick with it.

Build your training business like Realtors build their real estate business. Keep up with the changes in real estate, technology and education. Once people figure out you keep current, they will flock to your classes!

Enjoy this CE season.

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