The Dynamic Duo

There is a new Dynamic Duo on the training front. Becky Ellis and Don Mayes have teamed up to teach the “new and improved” ePRO Certification Class.

This is Don’s take on his experiences:
What are other people saying about you on the web? How effective is your Social Media presence? New ePRO candidates in Mobile have those answers, as well as a cadre of tools to help them expand and monitor their influence on Web 2.0. NAR’s ePRO Certification Day 1 is a fast-paced, information-filled day that will challenge your ideas of effective marketing, and give you skills to survive and even flourish in this brave new world! Becky Ellis and I had a blast presenting this course in Mobile last week, and look forward to teaching ePRO wherever we have the opportunity – Birmingham (May 5), Tuscaloosa (May 6), Enterprise (June 1) with other cities under discussion. Let us help you become an ePRO! — Don Mayes

Becky had some comments as well:
I have the pleasure of teaching Day 1 of the new NAR e-PRO Certification Class with Don Mayes. This course is designed to present the Theory of Marketing online and provide an introduction to some of the online tools available. Learn why it is so important to market to consumers the way the want to be marketed to and most importantly, how to market to them. After being certified, agents will have access to online tools and continuing education of the changes in technology. If you are working toward other NAR designations this might give you the elective credit that you need. I look forward to seeing you in class soon! — Becky Ellis

Two enthusiastic instructors, an updated certification course, hopefully coming to your city soon.   Remember, it is all about collaboration and working together!

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