Creating My “Ah-Ha” File

Typically during this time of the year, I start cleaning up and throwing out papers and magazines. As I began this process, I stopped and reflected on something I learned at our October training session.

Deborah Boswell stated during her session Building Powerful Presentations, “create an “Ah-Ha” file.” She shared hers with us.  Her “Ah-Ha” file was filled with resources to assist her in creating training coursesIt included articles out of magazines, books and her personal notes.  

With this in mind, I began to create my own “Ah-Ha” file. It includes articles (not the entire magazine), books and quotes.  I now have a resource of information available for use when I create new training classes for 2011.

So as the year ends, begin to create your “Ah-Ha” file for 2011. You will be amazed at how much you overlooked in the past.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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One Response to Creating My “Ah-Ha” File

  1. Becky Ellis says:

    Alicia, this was one of my favorite take aways from the session, I started my file immediately!

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