Were you ever in the Thespian Club in high school?

The way Alabama real estate agents have been marketing real estate is sort of like producing a school play. I will explain but first, understand that 80% of all prospects log onto the Internet before calling any agent.

Hardly anyone forty years old or younger read this morning’s newspaper.

Yet, agents trudge on, using a rapidly declining print media market, because it “satisfies” some primitive need to be doing something. If we don’t see it in print, we aren’t “satisfied.” If just two people tell us they saw our ad in the paper we give ourselves an A+ for a job well done.

But back to our school play:

In school we thespians selected a script, cast it, had fun building and painting scenery, studied our lines, made costumes and rehearsed. If the curtain rose on time; if we got through the last scene with only a few flubs and if, when the curtain went down there was applause we were “satisfied.”

We shook hands all around, and congratulated each and every one on a great
performance. Was there a large crowd? Did anyone notice? Were there, say, more people in the audience, than our own friends and family?

Did it matter?

Well, probably not. But advertising effectiveness sure should matter to a real estate agent paying the bill. Unfortunately for today’s print media the answer is that the audience is really sparse:

Everyone is busy checking the web.

So… how long do we keep on using fossil fuel, riding in our gasoline powered marketing machine toward the “Bridge Out!” sign, as rivers of cyber competition rise all around us?

Are we prepared to paddle around forever in printer’s ink, at least until we drown; in effect committing real estate sales and marketing hara-kiri simply because it
“satisfies” us?

It seems to me that every brokerage’s and every agent’s marketing should be based on their own website(s). If anyalabamarealty.com is truly your web “home” place; then make it a warm and cozy and very hospitable place to visit.

Ask yourself some questions:

Why wouldn’t brokers insist their experienced agents become not only
computer proficient but computer savvy?

Why don’t brokers invest more of their resources to easily change the website, as
easily as we change our daily and weekly print media advertising?

Why wouldn’t brokers put notices of new listings of the week, featured homes of the week, outstanding salesperson of the week, etc., on the web every week, even every day?

Why don’t brokers understand that this really is a serious issue that must be
recognized and dealt with – if we want to continue to relate to the needs of our customers and clients?
Earl Martin, Alabama’s Real Estate Doctor, is a real estate instructor in Montgomery, Alabama. Log onto http://www.earlnotes.com to e-mail him

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