The Importance of Watching Your Students

Some years ago I lived in St. Louis, Missouri. I taught both in Missouri and in Alabama on a regular basis. To keep myself organized, I had two large tote-bags – one for Missouri and one for Alabama. After a few years, these bags got rather heavy as I added new classes. One day in Missouri I decided I would only take out the file for the class I was going to teach. (Are you guessing where I am going with this?) When I arrived at the school, which was about 45 minutes from my home, I started to set up for my class. About 10 minutes before the class the proctor said to me, “Remember to tell them that they will receive both 3 hours of an elective CE class for the state as well as their quadrennial requirement for NAR. I calmly said okay and returned to the classroom to put away my file on “Fair Housing”. I had nothing with me about the Code of Ethics. Fortunately the students had their handouts. I taught that day strictly from the handouts. To my amazement the class was a success. There is only one reason for that success. I was not “distracted” with my material and I paid total attention to my students. What a great lesson.
By Anne Powell

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2 Responses to The Importance of Watching Your Students

  1. Judi Toran says:

    You have inspired me to write a blog article about my experience teaching RECAD to Florida licensees with reciprocal AL licenses. My class did not turn out as well as yours. A recurring nightmare. But a learning experience. Be good.

  2. Carlos Crump Romero says:

    At the tender age of 8 yrs. old I knew I was going to be in sales.

    One saturday early in the day my friend Mario asked me to acompany him to his church, I asked Mom she said ok. Mario was catholic and every Saturday he would go and confess to the priest what he’s done “bad” during the week. Mario dared me to do the same, When it was my turn, I went into this small booth and the priest asked me for my sins, the only thing that I could think of was that I did something “real bad” with a girl my age, he asked me what was it that I did and her name, I told him I could’nt give him her name or tell him what I did, he asked if it was Susie, the Dentist daughter around the corner and I said NO, he said that he was trying to help and that I needed to give him a name, I said No, he asked if it was Marie the shoe repairman daughter, I said NO, then he asked if it was Donna the Baker’s Daugther and I said NO, the preist told me to leave, and that he could not absolved me of my sins, I walked outside and mario asked me if the priest forgave me of my sins, I say NO……but I got three (3) good leads…..

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