Greetings and Welcome to AREEA!

As we move into the next year of AREEA, I have three goals.  The first goal is membership growth. Over the past couple of years, the membership of AREEA has shrunk considerably. I thought to myself, why?

 It is time for change and technology is going to help us tremendously. As trainers, we have all attended at least one session on using technology. Have we used it? For the most part, nope. This year AREEA will be a little different. We are using technology to reach out, keep in touch and keep our membership informed. We have a FAN page on Facebook. We have a blog on WordPress and will probably use WordPress as our official website. We are hosting a fall meeting.  We are trying to do things differently. Won’t you join us?

 The second goal is to share as much information as we can about the industry. The real estate training industry in Alabama went through many changes over the past couple of years. First, the commission took over school regulation. This opened the door for MANY people to open schools who had not done so in the past. Mandatory classes for reciprocal licensees have been approved. And guess what? The market is shrinking! There are so many real estate professionals who are changing careers because of the market. How does this affect us?  Our business is shrinking. There are more schools and fewer students. How do you survive? This is where AREEA can be a resource for Alabama instructors. We need to share the good and the bad and the ugly so that we all survive. Won’t you join us?

 The third goal is to create an atmosphere of collaboration. The market is shrinking! The market is shrinking! *in my Chicken Little voice*  What are we doing to help each other survive? Who needs help? How can we help them? We need to come together and support each other. If a joint venture can be created for a certain project, then why not collaborate? My saying is “SOME money is better than NO money”. If you try to get it all yourself, what happens when NOTHING happens? You have NO money. If you collaborate and earn SOME money, would that be better for you and your family? Won’t you join us?

 This industry is struggling like any other industry in this economy. Now is the time to work together, share, collaborate and survive. Won’t you join us?

 Alicia White

2011 AREEA President

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One Response to Greetings and Welcome to AREEA!

  1. Iverson says:

    This is great Alicia! Keep up the great work. You may not see me much but you have my support. Iverson

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